Contracting organization Nature of work Reports /details
City of Johannesburg Organizational Development ( Joburg Legislature )
Smart exchange Training /workshop
City of Johannesburg Research, and evaluation on Policy program ( Social Development units )
Score/IDS -UK Evaluation, across three Province ( in south Africa )
Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation ( CSVR) Process Evaluation ( with ex-combatant re-integration into Normal society )
SAHA Accounting Service ; Bookkeeping to trail balance, Financial Reporting for Audit)
Medicap Educators Business modelling, Investment analysis and forecasting , Strategy formulation and Execution
Article Abstract: The Private Financing Initiatives (PFI) -A Model for Sub -Saharan African Public Sector Strategic Development Click here
Article Abstract on SAA's STRATEGY: The Case of SAA Austerity and The Going Concern Status Click here
Article The Uneven Side of “Ghana’s National CSR Policy Strategy”- Commentary for Stakeholders Click here