ESG (CSR) /Sustainability

We hold Quarterly training and capacity building workshop, in partnership with various experts and institutions from the globe. This helps us to drive and sustain the activities of Nongovernmental, and other public sector institution, as well as companies policies and to promotes women entrepreneurial support as tool for bridging the gap of women empowerment in all aspect. E.g., Entrepreneurship, financial gaps, and capacity building in the development space.

EACH Quarter, Quarter one in March, Quarter two in June, Quarter three in September and in December of every year.

Our Mission

Our ESG (CSR) /sustainability Purpose is to help direct corporate citizenship as a tool for;

  • Delivering social and business impact for sustainable development.
  • Measuring ESG (CSR) /sustainability impact and project attributes as value adding ,showing returns for all stakeholders involvements.

ESG (CSR) /Sustainability Program

  • This meet-up is a Seminar/workshop setting, the Program activities serve to inform participating delegates on the needs for ESG (CSR) protocols, as a tool for gaining competitive advantage and the ethical sense for ESG (CSR) as business strategy.
  • Expected impact – Delegates are able to develop competitive advantage solution that help bridging the capacity gap, able to plan to access resources that will enable them to address their implementation gaps for their respective organizations/institutions.

ESG (CSR) Research/Consultancy

Our ESG (CSR) /Sustainability offering are;

  • WE assess to help companies deliver their ESG (CSR) strategy from a more sustainable approach in their services or product delivery as value adding.
  • To help companies and or NGO’s, Developing agencies implement their programme in line with CSR activities to measure its impact on value adding.
  • To help companies Review their CSR/sustainability programme as a measure of its relevance, impact, effectiveness and efficiency in their business activities.
  • To help companies and NGOs, international development agencies engage effectively with-it stakeholders, work effectively with NGO’s in implementing its CSR/Sustainability activities for a more inclusive approach and value adding.
  • We Conduct research and reports on critical CSR/Sustainability impact per industry focus and community driven initiatives, this we do to drive a strategy that support women growth as a tool for sustainable business and self-reliant.

For more details on the services and experiencing our value adding approach for good corporate citizenship protocols contact us at.

Partnership and Collaboration

All interested organizations, companies, and professional experts are to sign-up with us on the prospect of speaking and presenting their corporate cases on CSR/Sustainability value adding activities. Be the next to join us to help build your strategy, create awareness, and create opportunities through value adding.

To sign up with us please

Contact: ESG (CSR) /Sustainability /Woman empowerment team:

Sophia Amoah , on email   |