About Us

AA Strategy Consulting and Associates (AA Consulting and Associates) is a dynamic management-consulting firm. We believe in success as a necessity in private enterprise system and considers our responsibility to help both Non-profit and public sector institutions administer their services credibly and undoubtedly.

Our core principle to our operations are to make complex situation very easy based on our approach to services delivery. We use the following approaches to address our client’s needs, that is we adopts Strategic management principle to problem solving, following regulatory procedure with Accounting and Governance rules, while we approach the delivery through extensive research with the prime goal to helping bridge the sustainability and professional skill gap of our clients, having our clients objectivity in mind.


To be among the first ten (10)-development entrepreneurship, strategy modelling and management consulting firm that offer a more feasible guaranteed solutions (results).


We exist to create opportunities and promote growth for individuals, and organizations, through effectual entrepreneurship, by providing simple business solution to complex situation for productivity enhancement. This we do by conducting research, providing tailored solution as hands on services.

We act and respond strategically to clients’ challenges in ever changing business and economic environment. This beyond bridging the gap of our client’s desire goal.


  • Work with specifics
  • Work with care and precision
  • Integrity
  • Uphold knowledge sharing
  • Understanding
  • Fulfillment aptitude
  • Accountability and transparency

OUR QUALITY CONTROLS Principle to our work

  • Timely put in order for Jobs
  • Effectively administer jobs with our Staff
  • Conduct careful Peer Reviews; providing challenger checklist
  • Encourage our clients to regularly review our performance; providing assessors checklist
  • Satisfactorily and efficiently, plan our appointments
  • Properly Staff our assignments
  • Professionally accomplish our work